My total Lunar Eclipe video 03rd March 2007


Monday, 3 May 2010

Aurora 2nd/3rd May 2010

The Aurora started to show soon after Sunset, which at 57 Deg N is not untill after 22:30 this time of the year.

The Northern Lights from Spey bay. The red lights in the distance are oil rigs in the Moray Firth by the way.

My daughter Heather enjoys the Aurora at 00:15 this morning. She was a little tired today!!!

The second Aurora within a month, this one was not as strong visualy as the last but the camera picked it up nicely.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Aurora 12th April 2010

These images of the Aurora were taken from Spey Bay on the Moray Firth coast at 00:30 on Monday 12th April 2010.

Aurora and Meteor,I can't beleive I was so luck to catch a sporadic meteor within the heart of the Norther Lights